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Position: OPC ( Outside, Personal, Contact)

Job description:
Approach Potential Prospects:DIRECT MARKETING(Tourists:Americans,Canadians,Europeans speaking English)
Booths /located /in tourist area.
OPC Free Lance,with a company transportation:(Car or Scooter)
The OPC Job is to convince some potential prospects to visit (with a Rep:guide) a “5* Resort” or “a "Travel Show" ,for 60-90 minutes in return of a GIFT:
- Free Vacation
- Boat Trip(StBarths,Anguilla,...)
- Casino Chips($100)
- $50 CASH
(no cost, no obligation)

The OPC is introducing his prospect to the Reception (the opc ‘job is ending here,just find an another one,...)

2)A- The receptionist have to record the propect for the visit .(record 8mn)
B- The receptionist have to introduce the prospect to the guide.
The GUIDE job is to keep the prospect for 60-90 Minutes presentation.
After the presentation, back to the Front Desk, the prospect will receive the gift.

Schedule: 8H30 To 15H30
(Every morning Meeting with the Manager)

*Payment: Every two weeks
(Advance every week on Friday)
*Money: Dollars US
* ( Training)
*Valid Contract

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